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2B3D token to launch Memorial Day

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

California Tech company initiates token in honor of military veterans

By Robert Bell, CEO and founder, 2B3D Inc.

Newport Beach, CA, March 22, 2022 — ( — 2b3d Inc., a video game studio specializing in virtual reality, will launch its own cryptocurrency with an initial exchange offering on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022, in honor of the more than thirty-thousand active duty personnel and veterans who have died by suicide since 9/11. Pre-sales for the 2B3D token will open on Armed Forces Day, May 25, 2022, as a special tribute to all men and women who serve in the military. Proceeds from token sales will go to helping military veterans find peace and healing through 2B3D’s groundbreaking virtual reality technology.

Additionally, the 2B3D token will be used throughout the 2B3D metaverse economy for utilities such as buying digital acreage in the metaverse, tickets to live events, and NFTS that will be usable in exclusive play-to-earn games. The tokenomics also include staking rewards for holding 2B3D tokens, collectable NFTs, and for mining in the metaverse, to name a few.

2B3D is a dynamic video game studio that defies reality with outside-the-box entertainment experiences that push the bounds of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies in a decentralized metaverse.

2B3D has received tremendous support from like-minded investors with a focus on a decentralized metaverse.

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To arrange public appearances or speaking engagements contact Robert Bell at email, or by mail at P.O. Box 1441, Newport Beach, CA, 92659


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